It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and talk about Vritika Technologies. Vritika Technologies is an IT enabled services provider in India, headquartered in Belgaum. Considered as one of the leading IT companies, it has more than 2 years of experience full with accomplishments that VTPL is proud of.
VTPL provides technical solutions in the field of technology and online presence, digital marketing, e-Commerce solutions and platform, customised software solutions, integrated solutions and IT support services. It also provides IT solutions across industries, studies of digital topics and web design & development unique solutions. Believing in the importance of development and continuous updating, VTPL had established a center that specialises in technical training to cover aspects of the training needed by employees and clients in the IT field.
We exist to provide innovative and customer based products and services to our esteemed customers and across industries with utmost devotion and diligence so as to enhance their direct participation in economic development. We maintain our values and beliefs among our staff in our places of work.
We also remain passionately committed to ensure that the IT services we offer are accessible, convenient and affordable. The VTPL goal has always been to empower our clients so as to improve their livelihood and stimulate prospects for self-sustainability socially and economically.
It remains part of VTPL commitment to continue to adopt and maintain a broad range of innovative customer geared and value adding products and services in both urban and rural areas of our country. We believe that as you interact with VTPL ( site you will get to know us better as to who we are, who we serve and what we stand for.
On behalf of VTPL family, I wish to take this precious moment of thanking and appreciating our Customers, Stakeholders, collaborators and financiers for their solid and meaningful support, confidence, trust and sense of partnership they have provided to us over the years. We look forward to further cooperation with you all now and the future to come.
I want to repeat that we are still earnestly committed to continually provide good quality products and services to our clients with dedication.
Last but not least, VTPL is proud to have a distinguished IT team that got scientific and practical experiences, and holding the highest technical degrees enabling them to execute all the work efficiently.
Thank you all for your great support and for standing with VTPL over the years.
Gokul Mirashi
Chief Executive Officer


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